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When it comes to purchasing a house or land, some operations have to be done between a buyer and a seller: property viewing, inspection of area’s regulations around the property, important documents including a contract, transfer of ownership, etc.
We will assist you all the process on the transaction in both Japanese and English to make your plan straightforward to go.


Project managements range from commercial to residential buildings such as boutique hotel, grandiose log house or condominium.
The process often unfolds as follows: Niseko Investments sources cheap land for the client and we help the client to conceptualize the kind of building they wish to construct.
We then approach architects to produce working plans and CD images and subsequently construction companies to tender competitive quotes for construction.
NI will then follow the construction process through to completion by liaising with the client and the construction company to make sure that the finished product is exactly according to the owner’s wishes.


It doesn’t necessarily have to be a newly-built house when you buy a property; there are some other options of renovation or extension to enhance the existing house.
As we mentioned on our project management, we are also able to approach architects to work on renovation plans.
Obviously we can change the layout of the house itself, but we do care about the ambience and practicality of each room and space as well.
We will suggest some concepts for the best style of the property, or contact to any related market such as furniture dealers or kitchen makers from domestic to overseas companies.


Once the owner has the property, unless the building is for a self operated commercial enterprise, the owner normally decides to generate some rental income and also needs a management company to look after all aspects of property maintenance.
We would then introduce our sister company Niseko Resort Holdings, which offer a tailor made management service to meet your needs and is also a fully licensed Japanese travel agency who can find tenants for your property if you wish to generate a rental income. NRH manages over 100 properties in the Niseko area and client feedback shows high levels of satisfaction in terms of quality of service and net rental income gained.
Based in Kutchan center, they provide a friendly, high quality bilingual service.


The value of property lasts when the regular maintenance is conducted. Usually residents do these maintenance for their properties, however that is not the case on resort properties since you are not always around here.
With Niseko Investments, you can leave your cozy home with security; we will inspect the property itself and all the installations in and around the property and repair them if needed.
Hokkaido, especially the Niseko area, has lots of snow in winter, and there are seasonal troubles on some properties due to snow and freezing every year. Our staff are local member of Niseko for long time, please let us help you with your properties’ maintenance!


Net rental income is one of the main goals for owners to maximize through their investments.
We will arrange various rental options that suit to both owners and tenancies: fixed- term leasing, holiday house, commercial rent for tenants or company dormitory.
We discuss the condition and service you may wish as a renter and organize it in details to gain best possible demands and yield.



Thanks to the blessing of rich nature, Niseko has been a great location for recreation surrounded by every 4 marvelous season, and it’s now recognised as one of the best international resort areas.

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Located about 40 minutes away by car from Niseko, it is now becoming an investment area in its own right and we highly recommend it if you prefer less crowded ski slopes and easier access to both Sapporo and the airport. It is also just a 25 minute drive to the beautiful Lake Toya area.

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Otaru is a city of historical interest dating back 100 years from the Hokkaido frontier era.
It is flourishing and harmonious with historical buildings and modern commerce, resulting in a quaint ambience that cannot be seen in other areas in Hokkaido.

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Each district in Hokkaido, they have their own unique features on climates, cultures and etc.
This page introduces some beautiful places in Hokkaido from interior towards seaside spots.

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If you are considering selling your properties that you already have,
we also can assist you from the beginning of all the process, we will conduct obligation-free valuation of the property and bring into straightforward introduction of selling process.
We are able to offer you a clear transaction between Japanese and English.

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