The photo was taken in Shakotan town

The photo was taken in Shakotan town, which is very east end of Hokkaido next to Otaru and Yoichi area. These areas are famous for the clearness of the sea and the abundance of the local seafoods.

Many tourists enjoy camping along the sea over a night with their tents. It is pleasant to rest on the beach, hearing the sound of ripple. You can also enjoy many types of fresh seafoods here. Our recommendation is “Kaisen-Don”, a dish of raw seafoods mix on top of rice. It’s the best way to have fresh fish and shellfish as it brings out the flavor and the texture of the ingredients!

Yoichi region has also been recognised gradually as a notable real estate area that cannot be missed. NISEKO INVESTMENTS can introduce many different kinds of properties in other areas as well as Niseko!

Please visit and take a walk along the huge lake, the healing moment will take you to out of the ordinary.


  1. Niseko powder snow

  2. Toya resort area

  3. Our head office NISEKO INVESTMENTS

  4. Hakodate is the largest city in the southern area of Hokkaido

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