Toya resort area

Today we would like to introduce Toya resort area, 1 hour driving from Niseko, which consists of marvelous lake and surrounding great natures representing as one of the most popular destinations in Hokkaido. Lake Toya ranges over 2 towns in different 2 provinces and it is the 3rd biggest lake in Japan as a caldera lake with the size of 70.7km². The lake is also known as an antifreeze lake even in Hokkaido’s harsh winter, therefore you can observe a purely beautiful water surface anytime.

As mentioned as a resort area, there are many hotels, hot springs and restaurants. Toya area has ski resort as well as Rusutsu, 30 minutes driving distance from Toya, so you can enjoy outside activities in different places!


  1. Hakodate is the largest city in the southern area of Hokkaido

  2. Our head office NISEKO INVESTMENTS

  3. Niseko powder snow

  4. The photo was taken in Shakotan town

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