Rusutsu Toyoka Land-RTL

70,000,000 yen

This land consists of 2 blocks on either side of the road, one is 328 tsubo and the other 615 tsubo. Possible courses of action: one is simply land banking until the resort has obtained more widespread recognition and prices could then realistically be several multiples of today’s asking price.
Alternatively, this would make a great site for a private dwelling, plus a vegetable garden, taking advantage of Rusutsu’s rich soil, and an outdoor recreational/ leisure area. The views are absolutely sensational and there are no other buildings to be seen, and yet the center of Rusutsu town is just 1.5 minutes away by car and the ski slopes are just a 5 minute drive.
Importantly, the road is snow cleared by Rusutsu council, so costs in the winter are minimal.
It would also make a great site for a large commercial lodge and restaurant.
The building that exists on the smaller site is actually in very reasonable condition and could easily be renovated and used as accommodation.

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