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NISEKO RESORT HOLDINGS (NRH) is a real estate management company. It offers a comprehensive range of services for various types of properties ranging from rental to commercial operations. Essential works include inspections, repairs cleaning and payment of utilities. NRH is also a registered Japanese travel agency which can help you establish legal compliance as a rental property and maximize your yield in the rental pool. Services can be tailor made to suit the needs of individual clients.

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NISEKO TRADING is a real estate agency, and a sister company of NISEKO RESORT HOLDINGS.
Since they have been running NISEKO RESORT HOLDINGS and seeking out various investment opportunities for their customers, both first time investors and experienced investors would find the company beneficial.

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PULSE DESIGN (PD) is a cutting edge architectural and design company. Highly experienced in both interior design/ coordination and structural renovation for private residential homes and commercial buildings, PD prides itself on achieving customer satisfaction by prioritizing aesthetics and functionality in its design concepts. The proposals are tailor made to suit the client and the company owners provide a hands on service, without fail, to allow for maximum flexibility.

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ENGLISH SPLASH is an English conversation and grammar school catering for very young children through to adults of all ages. Splash was established more than 20 years ago and has grown in reputation to become one of the most renowned English language schools in Sapporo with branches in both the Asahigaoka and Maruyama areas. The school has an annual 2 day excursion to Niseko in order to further familiarize students with English speaking opportunities, through games, meeting local foreigners and other fun activities.

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