Otaru is a frontier harbor town dating back more than 100 years. Its many large stone warehouses and former office buildings, formerly used by shipping and trading companies, give the central area a special ambience reminiscent of days gone by.
Attractions include high quality sushi restaurants, glassworks and art and craft shops, and the canal area close to the port has become a very popular spot with tourists from many countries.

The canal along the Otaru main road is scenic sightseeing spot. Different seasonal features around the canal and the harbor fascinate the tourists.The best time for visit is at night, when the city lights get brighten up, causing its reflection on the flow of water.
There are also some shopping malls facing to the canal, allowing to get the souvenirs on your way home.

The 532 meter high Mt Tengu is a symbolic mountain in Otaru with a panoramic view from the summit that is recognized as one of the best three urban night scenes in Hokkaido.
The mountain changes into a popular and steep ski course in winter, and from the peak on a clear day, there is a spectacular view of the surrounding mountain range and bays around Otaru.