Hakodate is the largest city in the southern area of Hokkaido

Hakodate is the largest city in the southern area of Hokkaido. It takes 4 and half hours from Sapporo to get there, but it is easier from Niseko to access within less than 3 hours.

This panorama view can be seen from Mt Hakodate observatory. The geographic feature of Hakodate is uniquely formed with seas from the both sides. At night, the city lights get brighten up and make the city view more special, known as one of the 3 most beautiful night views in Japan (the others are in Nagasaki and Hyogo prefecture).

Hakodate has a unique historical background due to being the major trading port in the era of mid 19th century, resulting in mixed cultures and architects of Japanese and Western styles. Seen the majestic churches or stone pavements around the city, the atmosphere there is very nostalgic and its sightseeing is interesting to find Hokkaido’s different side of history. Don’t forget to prepare for thick coats and gloves to keep you warm while taking a walk!


  1. The photo was taken in Shakotan town

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  3. Toya resort area

  4. Niseko powder snow

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